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short form of the term "Fuck them" or "Fuck 'em" shortened to one word.
They want a gram for $2? Fuckum!
po Kaj Hiryun Децембар 6, 2012
8 0
Fuckums..word used to express your mood. When everything goes wrong. When Fucked off with yourself. Cant be bothered.
Fed up with work, situation. To have the 'Fuckums" with all, everyone around. to be in a bad mood.

Have you got the Fuckums with me? I have the Fuckums at work today. Got no the fuckums!
po Angie Davey Март 23, 2008
7 1
1. Something you do to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

2. My favorite thing to say to people.
1. Last night I fucked um!

po ken-dawg Новембар 23, 2004
7 23