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When a woman stands with her legs together, but there is triangular gap between her thighs right under her butt. Most notable when she is wearing a bathing suit or short shorts. Refers to the fact that air can flow between her thighs.
Check out that girl. She has fresh air.
po Nagual Март 10, 2006
26 11
smoking the weed
"mind watching our beers while we go get a little fresh air?"
"like a breath of fresh air..."
po mr. beal Јануар 18, 2004
16 17
To ignore/blank some one.
"Did you speak to her?"

"No i fresh air that girl"
po Bleh dnt make me get o'l skl Јануар 14, 2010
2 6
when boy's pull out their erect penises becuase it apparently needs "fresh air"
Ace pulled a freshair when I was with him last night
po tiffy Јануар 27, 2004
0 6
A man asking a women that is giving him head to lick his ass,and when she does so pretend that he likes it but he is just struggling to pull a fart,and in the end farts in her face to give her a taste of that "fresh air"
Yo i totally gave my gf last night a fresh air
po D Ice Децембар 2, 2007
5 20