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White or tan or creepers who dress like a black man and come uninvited and talk about being fresh
Thoes fruity high tops are fresh.
po Big Joe The First Април 6, 2010
2 8
Naive or clueless toward a certain thing. Not knowing beforehand or having little knowledge of.
"I'm sorry, I didn't know, I'm still fresh to this."
po Fudge Round Март 6, 2010
2 8
Something Being In Good Condition, Mint Condition, Looking Go0d, FRE$H!
Damn shawty, I'm mad fresh from da bottom of ma shoes to da top of ma head.
po J-EaSzy Април 29, 2009
0 6
Adj. - (slang) Ready to go

"Bro call me when you're fresh for Manny's party, I'll drive."


"Sir I'll have those reports fresh for you by 5 o'clock."

"Yo I met this girl at Manny's last night, she was so fresh, I laid pipe for hours."

po Jackson Hall Децембар 30, 2008
2 8
Kids who spend all their money on jeans and then can only affordt plain collored t-shirt(from t-shirt pluss usualy a red blue or white) and some chucks...They also rock the foax hawk and have plugs.
Daniel and Johnny AKA lil kap as fresh as fuck!
po Nigga Big Фабруар 21, 2008
4 10
when something is really good
thats a fresh place to sit off

that jacket is fresh
po milish Мај 1, 2007
0 6
anything positive, goodness
"Yo, shit's fresh."
"You got it? Fresh."
po mags1923 Фабруар 16, 2007
10 16