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Fish- a faggot kid at seton high school that adds names here for fun
that kid named fish is a faggot
po MetallicaRocker Март 6, 2004
6 21
Food that should not be eaten before or after you eat ice cream. If you do, you will get Violent Explosive Diarrhea.
Fish and ice cream just don't mix!
po Shawn B. Мај 19, 2003
0 17
po anonymous Јул 19, 2003
12 30
A really cool nice guy named Will thats always there when i need him and is like a big brother to me
Will looks like a fish.
po Pure Beauty Август 7, 2003
3 22
what your bitch smells like after having sex
~guy goes up to chicks beaver~

Smells like fish
po MasterX Октобар 15, 2004
10 30
FISH stands for "Fucking Israeli Shit Heads". FISH are native to southwestern Ontario, and white Canadians are hoping for genocide.
There's so many F.I.S.H in here, it's a fucking aquarium.
po Taco Bird Фабруар 1, 2011
14 37