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verb often used by black people. It's a means of denoting a future action by one or more individuals.
We fen to get up out this club soon, da po-lice is comin!
po robbdachi Децембар 20, 2008
34 61
short for fence. it has been used most recently by cool kids on the east coast and in the midwestern US, but is believed to have originated in the SanFran area
Paul was on the fen as to whether to attend his friend's wedding or a mega-awes concert.
po 3timesalady Април 9, 2008
127 54
The plural of "fan." Another word for "fans," as in people who like something, not cooling devices.
There are many Harry Potter fen in the world.
po notemily Септембар 10, 2003
180 160
Fully Erect Nipples. Usually occurs when a female is excited, cold, or just horny.
"Yeah,I made that girl so horny I gave her fens!"

"Its so cold I have fens!"
po lil mama qt Април 15, 2008
1 7
A incredibly intelligent and person, whom is capable of doing anything and everything.
I got a 100 on a test
Ur such a fen!
po BrandLuon Мај 24, 2011
10 18
Basically means cigarette
Have you gotta fen for me?
po Frizzzzzzzzzzle Април 24, 2008
6 39
fen(noun, vb. to fen/fenned/fenned)-The act of saying something in public and having people around you stopping to stare. Preferably when they're not the people you were talking to, but random people that overheard.
"and he was like "I LOVE THE COCK""
*random people stop and stare*
"oops! Maaajor fen!"
po T3h_fen Јануар 21, 2007
5 43