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A fail so epic it needs its own word
"I divided by zero"

-epic fail
po epic fail doomsday Децембар 14, 2009
5 6
Jim Morrison's "poetry".
Jim Morrison's poetry is epic failure.
po exzit Април 25, 2009
6 7
To fail at a project so bad that you need to change your major.
You don't want to epic fail this drafting packet.
po Prof.cjohnson Септембар 22, 2011
0 2
My thinking I'd have an epic romance with certain guys only to find out they want to ignore me. EPIC FAIL.
po Epic failage Март 24, 2011
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The term used to describe when someone makes a supreme ass of themselves as a result of failing at a reasonably simple task. Because an 'epic fail' is such an immense fail, these people are often labled "Fail Whales."
trying to impress his baby son, a dad blew bubbles in his Pepsi through a straw then without warning it erupted into a fizzy lava shooting out of his snout at 1000 miles an hour. Everyone in the restaraunt laughed including a teen who point at him and said "Epic Fail Dude"! laughing he then added "What a total Fail Whale"
po vid007 Фабруар 25, 2011
0 2
a fail so epic it's almost a win.
Dude 1: "Dude 2, I crashed my car through the roof of my house."



Dude 1: "Epic fail, right?"
po Cartman450 Јануар 29, 2010
2 4
A type of failure in World of Warcraft that is impossible, but yet still happens, because the person or persons responsible, are just totally uber suck.
Llaith, a level 80 DK was /gkicked after doing a Guild Achievement run in Kara, he wiped the group on Chess. EPIC FAIL!!!

A group of 2000+ WH rating geared raiders attempted to do Naxx 10, but after 3 wipes before Noth on trash, and 5 wipes on Noth, the group fell apart. EPIC FAIL!!!
po forwardbias Август 24, 2009
3 5