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how you spell drunk when you're drunk
mab ifm durnk
po Cleveland Март 14, 2004
76 7
An extremely high level of alcohol intoxication. The origin of the word comes from a common typo (someone trying to type drunk) that occurs while the person typing is intoxicated. Variations of the word include "Slam Durnk" and "three sixty windmill slam durnk."
Dude, I just downed a half bottle of vodka. Im so durnk.
po PeeJayDubs Јул 14, 2006
43 14
The Wilkins spelling of the word "drunk"
hey man are you durnk?
po hughjadick2345 Јул 16, 2011
10 3
The act of getting super drunk
Dude, Melissa and Katie had a sick glowstick baton fight after they got durnk
po intoxicatingjerk Јануар 30, 2011
2 3
Not the act of being drunk.

The act of being sober, but very deprived of sleep.
HAHA you are so durnk.
po Goofygirly309 Август 14, 2010
4 12