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to get it in the butt, from the back
yo she got duked in her booty by him last nite!
po jennifer lopez Април 3, 2004
45 25
To violently, and thoroughly put your fingers up a partners anus during sexual activity.
He just duked her!
po Shvffle Јун 13, 2011
12 3
To take a hot dump in someone's mouth just for kicks
Dude I totally duked on my grandpa last night while he was sleeping.
po professorduke Новембар 26, 2013
1 2
aka terrored/devastated
'hahahahhahaa duked'
po adm-tb Јануар 31, 2009
7 9
Meaning raped. Refering to the Duke Lacrosse team scandal that happened in 2006. Originating in a small town of Maryland's Eastern Shore.
You beat them? Yeah, we duked them, 17 to 0.
po BBP Април 2, 2007
16 19
Where one is extremely intoxicated on many illicit substances and/or solids. Phrase coined by one they call; 'Luke the Duke', who is quite frequently 'duked'.
"Man i was soooo fukedupcunt, I was duked" or "im so fucking duked bro.."
po Crazzz Јануар 19, 2008
7 12
Getting linked to the video on youtube of the rapping Duke
omfg rdw you just got duked
po dr0vine Октобар 17, 2007
2 11