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doosh kuh-noo

noun, adjective

1. one who is incredibly annoying, a pest
2. a foolish or stupid person, kaiser
3. an inconsiderate and selfish person
- He was a complete douche canoe for not picking up the check on your birthday!

- Those guys at the party were acting like huge douche canoes!
po ditystotsgosser Јул 14, 2011
14 13
Someone who exceedes the limits of being a normal douche or douche bag.

"Luke, you are such a douche canoe"
po Dino V. Фабруар 18, 2007
1125 302
1. Any vehicle filled to capacity with a group of major douchebags. Usually a luxury SUV. Most often owned or purchased by the parents of one of the douche mcgouches inside. The group of individuals who pour out of the douche canoe can be affectionately referred to as a "shitstorm of douchebags."
If that douche canoe tries to swoop us in the Taco Bell line, I will go fisticuffs with that whole shitstorm of douchebags inside!
po MFaF Септембар 13, 2009
803 336
Not just your run of the mill douche. A total douche! This douche will kill you with his non stop douche baggery. Avoid the douche Canoe at all costs.
Ryan Seacrest is a total douche canoe
po Daniel: Tiger of Ra Јануар 7, 2008
548 305
the highest leavel of doucheny
paul has gotta be the biggest douchecanoe ever
po no-name-name Октобар 1, 2006
166 54
A person that is so douchey, said douchey-ness travels cross bodies of water.
Check out that douchecanoe... I bet they can see his Ed Hardy shorts from hawaii.
po donkitat Новембар 1, 2010
130 32
when a person is so douchey they are equal to about 50 douchebags, therefore a canoe would be needed.

It is much larger than most other forms of douches
Kyle Benger is a Douchecanoe
po wishshedidntknowanydouchecanoe Новембар 17, 2010
93 30
A vehicle containing or transporting two or more douchebags.
Dude, check out that Hummer over there. It's a total douche canoe.
po Skirish Април 24, 2010
126 77