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poop or the action of taking a poop
i have to take a dooker
po nate Август 27, 2003
Swimming trunks of all types.
Gladys: "Shall we go for a bracing in swim in this beautiful crystal-blue lake? It would be splendidly invigorating."

Humphrey: "My apologies, for I have forgotten my dookers and regrettably am reluctant to expose my bollocks to all and sundry."
po mountainhippo Март 27, 2013
browneye- "where the sun don't shine"
The prisoner took it straight vertically up the dooker
po Michael Johnson Децембар 27, 2003
a loud, yet not smelly fart
I dropped a dooker
po Fuck Boy Март 17, 2003
A daytime hooker.
"Yo Pacco, isn't that the dooker you picked up yesterday at lunch?"
po neak Август 31, 2008
"the shit" the coolest of cool.
Yo! that's dooker! How much did you pay for that? I want to buy one of those for my cousin.
po Manuel. Октобар 27, 2003