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spreewells, rims that dont stop when you do
one day im on swingas, next day dont-stoppas
po H-town Representa! Август 24, 2003
4 3
wheels that dont stop spinnin after the vehicle has stoped
po day Јул 9, 2003
3 2
rimz that keep spinning when car stops
(spree wheels)
man,did u see how dat foo had them dont stoppers on dat lac? Dawg,dem hoes was moon walkin!
po Big Nic a.K.A BAby Blue Јун 2, 2003
2 3
car rims that continue to spin though your vehicle has begun to come to a rest
My Navigator is decked with 27" don't stoppers.
po An-dee Јануар 19, 2003
5 8