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a donk is a cross breed between a dog and a donkey.
Look at that Donk trying to save the world.
po Johnny_aint_dead Јун 29, 2007
6 30
A human mans erect penis
"Man my girl sucks a good donk!"
po Joey Dee Новембар 9, 2006
6 30
being ugly or otherwise unpleasant
"That fuckin' bitch is donk!"
po Jake Јануар 6, 2005
5 29
An abbreviation of donkey used to define a person who listens to Donk music. Given as a name to total mosh heads with no taste in music, Those who listen to Donk NEED to be stoned as they would'nt listen to it otherwise
"lets get stoned and listen to some donk!"
po angelj Август 22, 2006
5 30
The sound of a pistol whip to the back of the face. Could also be followed by kadead.
Kyle: What the heck?!
Dave: I just donked you on the back of your face! Kadead!
po Darin Number 2 Април 18, 2007
4 30
The sound supposedly made when inserting something into ones ass.
I think I'll do something with this random object. Eh... *donk*
po Bleach Injected Мај 11, 2003
2 29
donks is when you walk around aimlessly and manage to win, also known as super lucky.
Oh my god you pulled a donks.

Wow thats sooo donks.
po nb Новембар 9, 2003
17 45