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A hot, awesome girl with a beautiful body and mind. One of those girls who guys only dream about but never hope to find in reality.
Damn, look at the hot ass on that Deepika!
po Diddy Децембар 14, 2004
231 80
A girl who has a personality like a lamp,Who can bring light to anyone's life
po Anjaan Април 7, 2005
266 156
The most perfect girl in th world, the hardest kind to find and can bring light to anyone's world.
She is a Deepika.
po timfdsz Јануар 27, 2011
39 17
A hot, awesome girl who's always loved by most people. She's known for her great sense of fashion and outstanding grades and always has a string of guys running behind her. Most Deepikas' are Indian and hold great potential inside. Deepikas' are known for breaking the hearts of many guys (who tend to fall for her).
Guy 1: Crap, that girl looks so H-O-T!
Guy 2: That's a Deepika for you! Go ask her out.......
po GayGayGayGayGay Април 17, 2013
23 7
A strict girl who doesn't take anything from noone. Also a VERY mature girl, a little TOO mature. Takes things to seriously.
My sister is a FUCKIn deepika! She takes things so damn seriously! (mainly brown girls.)
po regffdg Март 10, 2005
53 112
A traitor, someone who has given up on the thing they are really good at.
Your best friend just stole your boyfriend, what a Deepika! or Your friend decided to change majors and ditch you and the "Team" for another major..what a Deepika!
po CalamityJane Децембар 11, 2006
27 123