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a. something outstanding, cool
b. the shit
c. Gangsta
d. something that deserves respect
a. that dude is dankin! He knocked them both niggers out by himself.
b. that was not dankin....she deserved a better death.
c. that song is will sell.
po dddabomb Новембар 18, 2006
35 8
noun for something food
I'm going to go get some dankins. or, Ryan's fried rice is the dankins.
po sbv Септембар 9, 2008
5 0
to be very awesome at spanking
Neal is extremely dankin
po allen Март 19, 2005
13 11
go Dankin; beating up anyone who is weaker than you are, especially a child; beating up a mentally handicapped person
Keep running your mouth, and I'm going to go Dankin on you.
po traydickens Јануар 9, 2007
6 27
n. One that has qualities associated with Dankins including stupidity, ugliness, being named Jared, being annoying and weak.
Jared Shank
po Daniel Октобар 2, 2003
4 42
to smell very bad or omit a bad odor of some sort
"damn kenny, eat a tick tac, your breath is dankin"
po kristin Exeter job Corps Academy Април 8, 2005
6 45