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Having sex with someone. Intercourse.
Me and Neka was cuttin all day.
po Neam Март 19, 2006
Are we cuttin'? - Pastor Troy
po Anonymous Октобар 14, 2002
bangin, boinkin, doin the nasty, freakin, gettin it on, lacin it, screwin. HAVING SEX!
Dat whore over derr wanna kno if we cuttin!
po kinkyC Новембар 10, 2002
Having sex
That boy always talkin bout cuttin'.
po chingyette Новембар 2, 2003
To diss someone
yo i was cuttin robert yesterday wen we were arguin
po banglasoup Јануар 18, 2011
to speak badly of someone
"they were cuttin' us up so badly"
po girl989 Јануар 1, 2010
When somebody is sittin up actn a foo.
My baby's daddy was sittn up in walmart cuttin up when I turned and pimped slapped the foo.
po Obaky Новембар 18, 2010