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a machine for downloading porn
"oh no, the computer broke, i ejaculated all over the keyboard"
po anonymous Фабруар 22, 2003
14759 7197
What you are on now
You are on the computer now
po Charlie Mulligan Март 5, 2004
2006 501
The most useful and most frustrating thing any human being will ever work with.
The computer crashed again. I lost three thousand lines of code.
po Mystery Man Јануар 28, 2003
1608 272
If you're looking up this word, kill yourself.
To use the internet, one must have at least a vague idea of what a computer is.
po ddt Новембар 21, 2004
1555 557
a very, very expensive punching bag
Work with me! *Crack* stupid computer! Gonna punch the life out of you!
po gusto5 Мај 29, 2004
1151 410
A tool that is supposed to save time but intead wastes time.
1. Viruses
2. Bugs
3. Crashes
4. Spyware
5. :)
po Why do I keep coming here? Септембар 24, 2003
948 233
The most boring and frustrating thing in the world-however, I keep coming back.
the computer isnt playing my cd! piece of shit! Oh there we go-computer i love you!
732 358