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The strange moment following a brief interaction or run-in with a male you have had sexual relations with.
One night stand comes up to you and five friends sitting at a table, to interrupt and say his 'hellos', and everyone turns to look at him; cockwardly.
po beepee Март 21, 2013
0 0
awkward in a sexual way
Damn Chico, that chick is so cockward!
po turnure Април 27, 2006
50 24
The voluntary or involuntary act of progressing a situation or discussion into a state of awkwardness towards the male reproductive genitalia or “cock”
"Becky, don't bring up his ex-girlfriend in front of her. You're making shit cockward."
po phoshizzle41 Новембар 3, 2009
38 21
To make something awkward into a homo situation.
Nevin from federal way washington always makes things cockward with his male coworkers.
po Akustix Август 24, 2011
27 20
An awkard situation that surrounds the conversation of a cock.
Nat grabs Brent in the nether regions.

Reid in an unrelated response shouts "Me too" referring to wanting coffee directly following the previous grab.

Brent turns to Reid and says "You want to grab my cock too? That's cockward!"
po brentionary Јануар 26, 2011
8 4
An awkward moment involving your penis mentally or physically.
My mother caught me masturbating to Oprah, it was cockward.
po Enfreaky Октобар 29, 2010
10 8
toward the cock; situated on or near the cock; directed towards the cock
"your hand just went cockward" "i zipped my pants by reaching cockward
po Barackeesha Октобар 11, 2012
7 7