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a fcking annoying idiot. from the sound of a chicken. fucking is the adjective that gives this word the most emphasis. :D
u fuckin cluck shut up.

ur such a fcking cluck why didnt u take ur birth control pill?!!
po your2coolbuddy Децембар 9, 2004
9 15
Robotnik's pet robotic bird.
As Cluck was pet by it's master, it's eyes focused upon the grim look his master had looking upon the land below them, as if... he owned it.
po Exor Јануар 16, 2004
6 12
The sound a chicken makes. Otherwise referred to as the sound of goodness and happiness.
Should the chickens of the world stop clucking, all the world's people would become suicidally depressed and commit suicide.
po cluckity cluck braap Мај 16, 2003
7 13
A girl who is a clumsy dancer. Jazz age slang.
Where's Mabel? I gave that cluck the air. The band is hot tonight, and I want to have a little fun. Last dance my knees were practically black and blue.
po Bob Proczko Октобар 16, 2006
3 10
To trade something for drugs.
Dennis Davis clucked his clock for a gram.
po zulu Јун 15, 2003
65 73
verb. to steal something and pawn it for drugs, usually meth or crack
watch your shit or that nigger will cluck it
po cluka Јул 22, 2006
25 35
Alternative to "fuck". Used in cases of slightly more mild irritation or aggravation.
"Ah cluck, not again..."

"Cluck off."
po Kally Јул 21, 2004
5 17