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The unconscious theft of Pens. Also known as Cleptopenamania.
The person who steals pens from the grocery store, bank, or post office must have cleptopenia (Klep-toe-pen-ee-uh)
po barneschm Март 27, 2009
4888 1973
Suffered by somenone who can't help himself stealing coworker's pens, although subconsciously.
Hey Jack, do you suffer from cleptopenia? It's the fourth pen you stole from my desk in the last week...
po jo_as_neo Април 19, 2011
11 3
One who has an uncontrollable desire to steal other men's virginity.
Pretty self-explanatory. Cleptopenia
po Dominationation Мај 1, 2011
2 11