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A term for Canadians like "Yankee" to Americans. Comes from a WWI comic book called "Johnny Canuck" a Canadian soldier in the war. Also the name of Vancouver's NHL team
Canucks Rule!
po mbh Септембар 22, 2003
868 183
Best hockey team Canada has right now.
Damn the Canucks kick ass
po Andrew Октобар 9, 2003
743 330
a term used for canadians
po Ivy Јул 26, 2003
349 64
A Canadian. Also the name of a hockey team.
I live in Canada, I'm a Canuck.
po left4ded Март 23, 2005
415 153
They are my favourite hockey team in the whole world, and I will cheer for them forever. I am very fortunate and privileged to be able to go to GM Place many times a season. I still have great memories of their early 90's seasons, when I first became a fan.
The Vancouver Canucks give me a warm sense of pride. Go Canucks!
po ThreeTimesOneMinusOne Децембар 6, 2004
402 186
There is a theory that the word is derived from Connaught, a term said to be given by French Canadians to the Irish. The Oxford Companion To The English Language (defines the term as): Canuck 1820’s. Probably from the Iroquoian "CANUCHSA", someone in a "KANATA"(village)…but possibly from Hawaiian "KANAKA" (man), through a pidgin used in the fur trade (in which Pacific islanders were employed), and taken into French as "CANAQUE", perhaps being originally applied to French Canadian canoemen. A nickname for a Canadian…but in the U.S. Northeast pejoratively referring to French Canadians.
Why is it Canucks always have the most intelligent answers?
Because Canucks rule!
po SMART CANUCK Мај 18, 2004
359 163
a hockey team located in vancouver british columbia
po kozz Јун 10, 2003
246 57