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A misunderstood pop star who is very down to earth and sweet. She bares her belly, wearing crop t-shirts because she's from the south, and if you've ever been to the south, then you'd know why. She took kids under her wing, becoming their idols, only to grow up as an adult and mature. "I'm not here to babysit you're children. If you have a problem with me, then change the channel!". She has a soulful voice, however, to sound more commercial, she sings in a nasal way. Despite sounding somewhat terrible on stage, Britney can indeed sing. Britney is also a songwriter, though does not take credit for most of her work, as she feels as the original producers and writers play a more important role than her in the making of songs. Britney has not lost her roots despite what people think, and has always stayed true at heart. Media can twist our thoughts; dont believe everything you read, gulliable fools!
Never being allowed to be a rebellious teen since she was always working at a young age, at the age of 25/26, losing herself in a world that seemed to be a fairytale was the only way she could hit reality; the only way to become rebellious was to seek the truth, and she seeked the truth.

Britney has been She seems to have overcome her dark ways and has embraced herself as a human being, looking at her two children, who she adores and loves, as inspiration and motivation for her.

Britney Spears is a southern girl. Nothing more, nothing less.
"Did you buy Britney Spears' album, Femme Fatale?" - John

"Yes! It was amazing!" - Sophie

Britney Spears is not fake, unlike Lady GaGa. She understands her role in the music industry and tries to take advantage of her situations. Controversy follows her name, but at the end of the day, Is it her fault?
po Wouldn'tyouliketoknow... Јун 26, 2011
The slut who lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake, kissed Madonna AND Colin Farrell (grr...) and makes a bunch of crappy songs that they play over and over on the radio.
"Why, hello Britney! What was it like french-kissing Madonna? What? You french-kissed Colin Farrell, too? You dirty bitch!"
po Colin Farrell's Lover Фабруар 16, 2004
1) a hot piece of sex
2) A HOT robot slut made to produce money and slutty 5 year old girls.
hey look next to the toilet, its a britney spears.
po CRZYtalknNiNja Јануар 11, 2005
attention seeking slut who is soooo desperate for attention that she has to srip off and kiss other girls.
Christina aquelaria, they are all the same- wear hardly anything just to get attention.
po Nic Март 8, 2004
The ridiculous and drastic decision for a girl to cut ALL of her hair off for no apparent reason.

Mostly for fame which was led most probably by anger, stupidity, upsetness, injustice, for no reason, or because of the annoying paparrazzi.
Sol: Yeah I know, she pulled a Britney Spears bro.
po royalty-blood Фабруар 24, 2010
A person who will never be as talented as Britt Irvin (Canadian TV actress) no matter how hard she tries or how much more money she has.
There are three big differences between Britney Spears and Brittney Irvin (better known as Britt these days) - Spears has one less T in her first name, a lot more money, and a lot less talent.
po Doki Doki Attack! Октобар 7, 2009
Failure to properly secure a child in a motor vehicle.
Shouldn't that mom's kid be in a baby seat? Yeah, she's totally pulling a britney spears.
po student of the scroll Септембар 5, 2009
some washed up celebrity that everyone makes fun of
"hey did you see that guy that looks like some random woman on youtube screaming about britney spears what a douche bag"
po guntis atvas Април 30, 2009