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Charlie Parker
Bird is the greatest saxophonist who ever lived.
po European Октобар 29, 2003
7 17
a females vagina
i wanna treat her like its thanksgiving and stuff her bird.
po gee money Септембар 6, 2003
3 13
Penis, cock, male genitalia.
Dude, she grabbed my bird!!!
po Anthony Verrecchio Јануар 10, 2003
14 24
An adjective used to describe someone of homosexuality
Evan Abrams,a jewish boy who loves the OC and Halo, is sort of bird.
po From Train Новембар 27, 2005
17 28
fly girl, also a chickenhead
that bird know how to shake it
po sbritton50 Јул 7, 2005
8 19
Same general meaning as the term bitch meaning a woman who is a stupid whore
Kayleigh is such a bird
po Robert Nash Фабруар 8, 2005
11 22
(n.)small winged creature that shits on my girlfriend's car to make her mad;
"Incoming! Ahh shit! *&!$ing bird!
po Chubbs Април 30, 2004
40 51