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gigantic tits
Suck my biggies cuz that's all your good for cunt!
po Jennifer Јануар 9, 2003
13 8
Slang for the cops or for the popo (pissed off police officer)
The biggies didn't find my stash even though they knew i had it.
po Rude Boy Jersey Април 28, 2005
6 5
Micky Dee's BIG MAC!! sON!!
yoyoyo, hey bernie, me n ziggy gon go get a biggy afta schooo aight!?
po dannnnnnnnny Март 12, 2008
23 27
someone that is extremely small.their mum may have smoked which has a side effect making the foetus smaller and lighter.
TF:i am quite big
HD: i am a female if it makes you feel any better biggy
po Jergen the crip Јун 24, 2009
21 34
Biggy a 6.3 bloke found in and around norwich know for many thing but manly his size, height or lenght
wwwwwwwwoooooooooooooo Biggy is big
po Sean Burgoyne Април 16, 2005
18 49