abbrv. for BlackBox
BlackBox for Linux is mad phat, but they recently ported it to Windows so now I'm not so ashamed to run a Windows platform.
po deathtobees Децембар 19, 2003
when a girl has "bouncing boobs" she could be exersizing, jumping, ect.
"I don't want those guys to look at me cause I am totally BBin' right now."
po emily---------- Април 1, 2007
Broadband, like computer connection fingyz...
lyk adsl, wireless, errmmm...
po sweeeeetie Август 7, 2005
Short term for " Big boobs "
" That teacher has BB "
po CStriker Октобар 5, 2007
Big Boobs. What more can I say?
"That girl has bb!"
"Indeed, hombre."
po Dylan Hewson Мај 29, 2005
short for Bitch Boy
Tim is a fucking BB.
po secnarfyadnalu Фабруар 16, 2009
Short for bye bye
bb, cya!
po hexa Децембар 12, 2003

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