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a female who likes to stomp,crush,stepon,kick,grab,squeez,or knee guys in their jewls.
fuck man that ballbusting bitch nailed me in the nutts
po Twitch Април 7, 2005
to jokingly annoy one's friend(s) by throwing insults or jibes meant to slightly annoy
after i fell on my ass and had to wear a butt-donut, my friend became an instant ball buster.
po matt c Новембар 13, 2003
when a female hits a guy in the balls in any possible way usually with the knee or foot.
i was sat opposite becki in class and she crushed my balls under the table. what a ballbuster.
po sam fletch Септембар 22, 2006
difficult arduous task
Four loads of laundry. What a pain in the ass. The real ballbuster was dealing with all those skid marks.
po Typical User Септембар 9, 2006
The ballbuster flung the whip at her clientele.
po XtremeViews Октобар 5, 2006
A woman who kicks, stamps, punches, etc... a guys nuts.
His legs open wide, she booted him in the balls and then laughed at his pain.
po SQ Мај 7, 2005
when job or project is very hard it's a ball buster
erecting that fence was a ball buster
po t-bone Јул 4, 2003