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b is short for bag, the verb. bag is used to mean that someone is going to hook up with someone else. so when someone is trying to bag someone else, as in they are flirting or starting to make moves, one would make his/her right hand into a b (thumb straight up, fingers curled behind curled pointer finger) behind the person who is trying to bag. in addition, someone could say "b" or type it on facebook, text it, etc.
Example 1: Jack goes over to Anna and says, "Nice shirt," in a flirty way.
Aaron goes behind Jack and puts up a b with his hand.
People laugh

Example 2: On facebook, Jamie writes "wish i could've seen you today :(" on Ryan's wall.
Adrian comments on the wallpost saying "b"
po an0nnn111 Јун 19, 2011
64 82

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A greeting to one of your homies
What up B what been goin on.
po Curtis "The Ship" Richie Март 16, 2005
3210 774
The word is a derivative of Brother, was, through usage, shortened to Bro, and finally condensed to just B.
"'sup B?"
"get your ass over here B"
"Me and B are gonna book it down town"
po JennyCrane Јул 29, 2005
1966 785
Asian Fail.
A: I failed.
B: Asian failed, white failed, or mexican failed?
A: I got a B.
B: Asian fail.
po FlipPrincess Мај 6, 2009
1179 724
The second letter in the alphabet.
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z. Now I know my A B C's. Next time wont you sing with me?
po arianne! Август 16, 2010
564 491
It's a shortened version of Babe or Bitch, depending on who you're talking to and how you mean it.
Girl 1: Oh hey B, what's going?
Bitch: Not a lot Babe, wbu?

Guy 1: Wuddup B?
Babe 1: Not a lot boy.

Guy 2: Wow B you're gonna get it tonight...
Guy 3: Ya Bitch is going down!
po Nerd-Dizzle-S-Sizzle Јун 15, 2010
149 140
A colloquialism one would use when referring to one of their homeboys/girls, or, more generally, anyone. Synonymous with other nicknames like "ese" and "playa."
...I'm gonna take your little Mexican friend with me, and I'm gonna kill him.

Yo, I'm Cuban B!

po Dori Grey Јануар 18, 2011
179 175
Short for bitch.
Yo "B", gimme my money back!!!
po mile high man Новембар 29, 2010
87 91