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that guy that wont shut up about his new macbook or iphone or imac or how great it is to own an apple product. I GET IT! YOU'RE HIP AND TRENDY! who gives a fuck...
prima: HEY! check out my new iPhone! it's got a BROWSER!
secunda: cool story bro... what an apple fag.
po ASSHAToftheCENTURY Новембар 11, 2009
A apple zealot which has an obstinate obsession with products and decisions made by Apple Incorporated whether they are good or bad.

Applefags defend Apple Incorporated decisions and products at any cost, even if it's to their dignity.
"Joe is such an applefag, he would buy a rock if it had the Apple logo on it."
po Anonymous33491 Мај 18, 2009
An astounding bore of a human being, who based his or her decision to own apple products upon the fact they they're shiny and everyone else owns one. They treat their technological buying decision as a status signalling device, an entry into a club or cult. They demonstrate the following traits:

- Not being able to shut up about their apple products.

- Not being able to refer to devices by their generic name, but instead by the apple product name. For example, the will say "iPhone" instead of "smartphone".

- Not being aware of alternative products, or any reason why people may want to choose one. Examples of this are when people ask for schools to buy "iPads", despite the fact that a similarly capable android device will be more flexible and significantly cheaper to buy.

- A religious-like/cultist desire to "spread the good news". This manifests as an endless stream of shilling that is especially pronouced in the people who produce media. Instead of a cartoonish drawing a generic phone, they will take the effort to specifically draw the apple logo on there. See the south park episode on drones as an example of this.

- Being generally ignorant of technology and thinking of their products as being the apex of human achievement.

- Owning an apple brand product for all their needs (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.).

- Believing in their own individuality, despite being in a herd of identical thinking and looking sheep.
I can't believe the school wants to buy an iPad for every student. What a bunch of apple fags.
po Shut up about your iphone Јануар 29, 2016
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