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inner city
thoes ppl are really urban
po charliee mcfell Септембар 25, 2010
5 3
Modern. Describes something seen as current with the majority culture in the West.
The term urban legend designates a folk tale perceived as more modern than other traditional or culture-specific stories, in spite of the fact that many urban legends do not take place in urban areas.
po jskinner Децембар 7, 2008
12 10
I am trying to write a few more urbans to add to my total.
po exUSAFmike Децембар 4, 2008
4 2
A way of defining a black person without being racist.
Kenny: Hey Lee, you know how to pick a lock?
Lee: No, why would you say that?!
Kenny: It's just're...urban?
po Incredible_Mr_B Новембар 1, 2013
1 0
a word to describe the African-american culture of which contains a ghetto/hood/gangster mentality. it's suggested the targeted subject is extremely unsophisticated. Although the word is not consider an ethnic slur today, its underlined meaning is derogatory and usage projects an inferior perception.
"Yo...this club we be hitting up is so urban now days."

person #1 "His pants are sagging low"
person #2 "yea, he's got urban stylez"

"those urbs are having a freestyle battle"
po Rudah Јул 8, 2013
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Urban means City Culture around the World.

It can also mean New (as cities and people often grow and change).
Does urban culture affect modern music? Or does modern music affect urban culture?
po Kimberley130 Фабруар 11, 2010
6 5
v. to add a word to UrbanDictionary.
I'm going to urban that when i get home.
po 3e_fro Март 15, 2005
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