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phrase coined by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa that basically means to go HAM at a party, usually while intoxicated.
Brian: "What's up? Did you go to Dave's party last night?"

Zack: "Hell yeah, man I was so turnt up!"
po mr1o3 Јун 23, 2013
253 258
The act of going crazy at a party;Wanting go to a party for an awesome time!
Lily:That part was so sick last night!
Julia:Yeah we were so turnt up! Lol
po Justin's OLLG Август 31, 2013
127 137
A homosexual erection.
Me: Yeah, my man is turnt up.
po Bro Aaron Мај 5, 2013
367 474
Means on point or on deck
That party last night was turnt up!
po BTBTheProducer Септембар 5, 2009
464 672