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When your dying of thirst
I need a drink, i'm dying of thristation!
po Carly Фабруар 25, 2004
I feeling of extreme thirst.
I am dying of thirstation.
po LGBrit Август 15, 2007
Being thirsty AND starving at the same time.

Thirst(THIRSTy)-ation(starvATION)... THIRSTATION

Yo man, I'm dyin of thirstation!
po TrikkiNikki22 Јануар 20, 2010
When you are thirsty and starving for water, the combination of those 2 words would be "thirstation" as in being super extremely thirsty.
Doe: I just ran 5 miles, and i'm dying of thirstation ! !

Clo: ummmm, you can't run 5 blocks you ass clown ! ! and

thirstation isn't a word ! !

Doe: Ok, so I didn't run 5 miles, but it felt like 5 miles ! and thirstation is a word ! ! I learned it in like 5th grade Bitch ! !
po doerida Јануар 24, 2013
the state of being deprived of water or any other liquid
Michael was lost in the desert and died of thirstation two days later.
po Brian Nelson Септембар 3, 2007