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English Poe-ette and an original artist. The Raveness is the art name of Sian Hulme. Renaissance and baroque harpsichordist spawned from the towns of crowley and shakespeare with awesome vocals and deadly fugues.She Ruffles feathers with poetic musical masterpieces of mystery and macabre. Often described as The absinthe tippler, Bather of blood and the black Beethoven of England. Hardcore fans are described as "Raven-heads" and earlier fans "Bathorian's".
po Thomas Groß Март 26, 2013
The Raveness is the nom de plume of Warwickshire Poet, Siân Lavinia Valeriana not the previous addition which was the independent publisher name of the poet. Born Siân Lavinia Valeriana, on December 15, 1987, Warwickshire, England and now known for her bewildering performance poetry and self taught skill of classical music. Fans do not go by any significant title - She released her first record at the age of 18 which was based on Countess Bathory that at the time had fans calling themselves Bathorian's.

The Raveness can also refer to "Ligeia", An early short story written by american poet Edgar Allan Poe, Siân Lavinia Valeriana performs Poe in her 2012 release Of blood and absinthe.
'The Raveness' features two Poe readings within her works.
po Thomas Groß Август 13, 2014