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1.beautiful girl, nice often small height
2.tater tots
3.a little turd that is short and looks good enough to eat
1.kevin:wow tay tay your so nice i can just eat you
kevin:as matter of a fact i will, yumm

2.tay tay:hey kevin
kevin:hey tay tay your beautiful
tay tay: thanks kevin your a dan
kevin:whats a dan?
tay tay:dope ass nigga!!
po kevin guzman Децембар 26, 2007
120 55
A woman with abnormally large breasts.

damn. her tay tay's look nice.
po the china aka cameron Јун 23, 2006
119 88
A girl who is very similar to Snooki in both personality and height. Is lovable in every way possible. Likes to party and sometimes has moodswings. Has a sidekick very similar to JWOWW.
"Did you see that Tay Tay? Man I want to party with her."
po The Mary to your Jane Октобар 3, 2011
20 14
see boobs bewbs knockers
an intentional mispronunciation of titties
pronounced tay-tay's
(.)(.) normal taytays
( . )( . ) big taytays
( o Y o ) huge taytays
also a way to say titties without anyone noticing or understanding.
katy perry has nice taytays
po nuckchorrischrist Јул 16, 2011
15 9
Being a Blackout, yet functioning drunk.
Dang man, you were a Tay-Tay last night, telling me all about my kink Santa Clause sex.
po Scottland Thomas Новембар 26, 2011
4 1
Fan name for TAYLOR SWIFT

A beautiful singer who has loved singing at a young age, she is inspirational to many young girls and is known for dating several celebrities.
"omg taytay is so pretty and her new single is awesome!!"
po ~~~a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s~~~ Март 15, 2014
0 0
a very delicate blonde boy with skinny calves and pretty eyes but could use an eyebrow trim...enjoys things that glow
man did you see tay tay playing glow frisbee today?
yeah man he needs a eyebrow trim.
po meredith-sierra Новембар 8, 2010
17 18