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A girl who is easy. Usually refers to a girl who gives head a lot. She's a sprinter because she's quick to hop on the dick.
See that girl Gwen? she a sprinter.
po AK(otb) Децембар 11, 2009
38 11
The Canadian season which occurs between Spring and Summer, when Mother Nature forgets that it is supposed to be getting warmer and suddenly reverts to Winter for no apparent reason.
- Shit, it's snowing!
- But wasn't it 24°C just last week? Man, I changed my winter tires and everything...
- Yeah, I know. Stupid Sprinter.
po MLN/MHB Мај 9, 2010
8 3
When it snows on the frist day of Spring.
While shoveling my driveway on March 20th I waved to my neighbor and yelled, "Happy Sprinter!"
po rivdawg1 Март 20, 2010
6 1
When it's supposed to be spring, but still feels like winter.
You know I'm really getting tired of this "Sprinter", when the hell is it gonna get warm and stay that way?
po Paw Lee Април 17, 2014
2 0
A name for people who sprint through each level in L4D2 to the safe room.
"Have you heard of Nikki, Sean, and Noah?"
"You mean the Sprinters?"
"Of course! I wish i could sprint like them!"
po Nikki xD Фабруар 6, 2010
1 1
a season that falls between winter and spring in New England and Canada. Consists of snow in April. It ends around mid-April, usually.
This sprinter is confusing me. It's causing Donna and Josh to think we're getting snow on Monday when we're really getting rain.
po Karen Stickney Март 31, 2007
10 13
an internet persona who is WAITASE
Sprinter is dope as fuck.
po DopeAsFuckKid Јул 17, 2004
11 16