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A now retired HBO series in syndication that chronicles the life of four single heterosexual women living in New York City who behave like stereotypical single gay men living in New York City.
"Carrie, those Manolo Blahnik shoes are just to DIE for. Now let me tell you about all the guys I'm screwing..."
po rapmasta Јун 13, 2004
1479 317
Soft core porn with a plot.
Carrie writes a column called Sex and the City.
po It's I Јун 19, 2006
867 332
It's a show about three hookers and their mom.
Brian Griffin nailed sex and the city. The girls have sex with anyone, and Kim Catrall looks 15 and is 10 years older than the rest of them.
po ut_bjorn Децембар 6, 2006
515 167
AN HBO series about four sexually-liberated yet generally miserable NYC women.
Most soccer moms fantasize about being one of the sex and the city characters. I don't know why - their lives are just as boring and empty
po greekmonkey Април 8, 2004
605 290
What feminist girls watch religiously, secretly wishing someday their life will turn out like the characters on the show. The show portrays independent women who take charge. Despite the show being grossly innacurate, it makes women really snobby and difficult for their unfortunate boyfriends.
I am a strong woman, I am independent. Like those girls on sex and the city.
po Brian Leeon Јануар 16, 2006
458 267
Dangerously addictive HBO show about the sexual adventures of 4 middle aged Manhattan whores.
I wish I had HBO so I could wack off to those NYC sex loving bitches every Sunday.
po Maguire Септембар 4, 2003
454 276
Ass-faced show full of one bar star after another zealously trumpeting the wine-slugging virtues of sluts world-wide.
One can easily find malnourished, vapid sluts gleefully spreading STDs with any orifice possible if one rents a copy of Sex and the City.
po JesusHatesSluts Септембар 7, 2006
237 151