for the love of God, come on.
i mean, everyone makes fun of 'scene' kids or 'emo' kids for comforming to something that is supposed to be a symbol of non-comformity. You are all contradicting yourselves. Your saying that you want to hurt/kill/piss on?!? someone for the way they look? Has the human race honestly regressed that far back? take a look at movies like - mississippi burning, the pianist or to kill a mockingbird. Your acting the same way as the people in the movies. Your critisiing someone for their beliefs. I do not identify as 'emo' 'indie' or 'scene' but i do own vans slip ons, i do wear tight jeans, and i do listen to bands that the majourity of my classmates have not heard of. But just because my jeans are tighter than yours does not make me a lesser human being, or a 'fag' as you so delictaly put it. someone listens to obscure bands? Why the fuck do you care? get a FUCKING hobby. please. people who listen to unpopular music do so, for the most part, because music is a huge part of life for them, and seeing it slowly stripped down and sold for ratings waters down the concepts that the music originaly held. That is why they prefer to listen to bands that you dont know about, so that they DONT become like my chemicle romance, fall out boy, ect. If you still thnk that they are conforming, than think of this. People who go to AE or AF ae spending ALOT of money on the clothes they buy. Kids who go to vintage stores are buying cheap and for the most part really nice clothing. everyone, whether you want to admit it or not, has before, will in the future, or is copying someone. It doesnt make you a bad person though, it makes you a human, cause the sad fact is, that there is no originaly left, everything has been done. So if kids want to hold on to what they see as the last shred of originaly left in modern society, let them. and fuck off.
uneducated person's rant -
emo boyz and scene kids are such FAGS. with their girls jeans and eye liner. They are all trend followers! i want to kill them all because they listen to obscure music and wear clothes that fit well. i will also make durogatory comments about the size of their genitals, specualte about their sexual preferences and continuely judge them as a whole instead of everyone at a time. HARDXCORE

educated person's rant - (see above)
#emo fags #emo #scene #scenesters #emo bastard #emo music #emo meta
po starrr Март 10, 2006
Usually in their teens (but some don't mentally develop enough to leave their scene phase and end up still looking like a prick past 20), have greasy side fringes and are way under 6ft. Normally think they can scream but can't sing for shit, sort of like Ollie Flint from that band Before The Ritual. Haven't heard of them? Lucky you. Save your eardrums.
"Hey, is that ollie flint the scene kid?"
"Nah man, way too tall."
#scene kid #scene #emo #fag #ollie #gross #lmao #die
po poopstickzzzzz Август 6, 2015
A failed abortion with a horrible taste in music
No, I wanna listen to some My Chemical Romance and BVB to show other people that I'm different and nobody understands me
Fucking scene kid go kill yourself
#emo #scene music #shit #pink sock #urine
po 9/11wasaninsidejob Април 15, 2015
a dumbass who thinks that they're an "individual" when they all have the same shitty haircut, wear shitty band shirts, and skinny jeans that makes it look like they have no butt.
"hey look at that moronic scene kid over there!"
#stupid #retarded #dumb #moronic #boring #shitty music #scene kid
po misskitty23 Фабруар 28, 2015
The Scene subculture (aka. Scene people, scenesters, trendies) is all about experimenting with alternative fashion and discovering new music. Fashion for scene girls usually consists of dyed hair (usually teased) and bright clothing. Fashion for scene guys however is usually darker and more emo/hardcore looking. Band shirts and skinny jeans are VERY common in the scene subculture, along with skate shoes. Common music styles associated with scene are crunkcore, metalcore, deathcore, emo, screamo, and pretty much all electronic music. Crunkcore is the most popular genre, for now.
how to be a scene kid

1. Pick a music genre
2. Dress like everybody in Hot Topic
#scene #trends #emo #fad #hxc #hardcore #mosher #brootal kid
po Chazza2121 Фабруар 14, 2015
Or known as a "scenester". Somebody who has straight hair covering the backs of the head with a fringe (the "emo haircut") only crazier and sometimes dyed neon colors, lots of neon and bright colored clothing, neon skinny jeans, gauges, piercings, fruity-designed shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, tattoos (applies to boys) and stuff who also might have a very up-to-date teenage-friendly attitude, no rules in spelling or grammar and often likes stuff like Invader Zim and Hello Kitty as well as electropop/crunkcore/techno music. When it comes to scenesters, the girls are very likely to wear makeup and mascara with crazy and dyed bright hair, while the boys tend to wear tattoos or baseball caps. Scene isn't to be confused with emo. Emo is just a genre of music which is played by bands such Thursday, Sunny Day Real Estate, Cap'n Jazz, Such Gold, Dashboard Confessional, Braid, etc. While scene isn't really a genre of music, the music associated with the scene fad is usually autotuned dance-pop/crunkcore/techno music that most likely has a lot of criticism. Stuff in music associated with the scene style includes BrokeNCYDE, Blood on the Dance Floor, Millionaires, I Set My Friends on Fire, 3OH!3, Dot Dot Curve, etc.
Scene kid: Scene is fuking awsom!!!!!

"Emo" kid/emo music fan: Scene is a ripoff of emo.

Rocker: Scene music isn't even rock, it's dance/pop.

Parents: My children are probably going through a phase.
#scene #scene kid #scene kids #scenester #millionaires
po e9d8e2yh9d8yd92 Новембар 1, 2013
Colorful hair, colorful outfits. They usually have a fascination with Pokemon or exaggerated bangs. They think it's adorable to put their fists over their smiles and say cute things like, "Oh hai." Basically, Sydney Rain is the absolute definition of a scene kid.
Listen to Nevershoutnever to get into Scene Kids natural state of mind.
#scene #kids #ohhai #pokemon #bangs
po just some kiddo Септембар 23, 2012
Sub group of individuals usually in their teens who listen to rock, indie and electro music. They like to dress very flamboyantly using many bright colours in the clothes and accessories they wear. They will often have facial piercings such as the eyebrow or lip piercing. Can be viewed by others as pretentious, loud and as conformists (even though that is what they say they are against)
They are a bunch of Scene Kids
#seen #scene #emo #punk #hardcore
po guitarkidv1 Јануар 1, 2012
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