meaning a man or woman who lookin totally fake thinking they is king shit, but really is only an ass.
Shelby Larenze is salt melissa haha think he shit... hell no
po suzie Мај 31, 2003
good lookin guy
hey Girl, that guys a salt
po Jimbo Mango Tree Мај 14, 2003
slang term meaning a basketball
yo, pass me the salt i wanna win the game
po aaron Funny Април 20, 2006
po Anonymous Новембар 7, 2003
The act of throwing salt, degrading someone for sport.
Bob: "Bruh the only reason you guys won is because the refs were retarded."

Jake from State Farm: "HOLY SHIT THE SALT. Naa dude, we were the better team, why are you always throwing salt for no reason?"

Bob: "Alright, my bad"
po ICEBALLER Октобар 8, 2014

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