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What Americans call a public toilet even though you cannot have a nice lie down in it (unless you are a very dirty person).
Don't even think you can have a rest in the restroom; it's for shitting and pissing in. And it pongs too badly.
po Edna Sweetlove Октобар 1, 2006
187 37
A room in a public place with sinks and stalls. There's a men's room and a ladies' room.
Have you noticed how dirty their restrooms are.
po David Децембар 7, 2003
84 18
The proper word for 'bathroom'. Used by public places that provide them. For example, the restrooms in my house are called bathrooms, but the bathrooms in a restaurant are called restrooms.
Where are the restrooms in this place?
po Diggity Monkeez Јануар 12, 2005
84 24