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a huge penis shaped object
look yonder, a huge phallic mountain!
po Tom Scott Фабруар 12, 2003
1. An object that is either a penis, or in some way is related a penis, not neccessarily in shape

2. An object that represents masculinity
1. In the original movie posters for "The Little Mermaid," a phallus is clearly depicted. This was later corrected by Disney.

2. His sports car was his phallus, and women flocked to it.
po Imaduck Јул 3, 2004
1. a symbol or representation of the penis.
2. a penis.
1. The Eiffel Tower, the things little boys draw on desks, etc.
2. a penis..is it that hard to understand? do you really need an example?
po delia m Јул 5, 2005
Formal/medical term for the male genitalia.
See dick, penis, cock and tool.
The man's phallus was crooked because he tried to fuck a goat sideways.
po Julie Новембар 18, 2003
(greek for phallos)

1. Latin term for erect penis
2. Descibe someone to have penis like qualities
3. Clitorus of the female
1. Phallus amat (Translation: You Love Penis)
2. Agricola phalli est
3. He licked your phallus?

"Mr. Kolo, what does Phallus mean" (teacher blushes)
po Jeff Johnson Децембар 4, 2005
Latin term for penis.
I have a huge phallus.
po Xyrus Новембар 8, 2003
Penis shaped object, thing or person.
Nelsons Column
po Scott Scruton Фабруар 4, 2003