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The little part infront of the vagina that's usually shaped like a little bead or "pearl" if you will.
Girl i'm gonna suck on that pearl tongue
po Katrina M.L. Flowers Новембар 22, 2006
386 138
The clitoris
Do you know a slang term for "clitoris"?

Yes. Pearltongue. Pearl tongue
po Smilin' Jack Фабруар 25, 2009
12 3
A Pearl Tongue is what a lady has after accepting semen in her mouth.

Man, this girl is so fine, after she blew me, I let her give me the pearl tongue.


I be in love like a motherfucker and lickin' the pearl tongue.
po Obamanation Април 10, 2008
47 178
Very good at eating pussy.
Makes a woman cum every time when they eat the pussy.
A tongue that exites the women
Man I hear all the ladies call you pearl tongue.
po Pearl Tongue Јун 6, 2003
72 248
More bullshit made up by Rap Artist Snoop Doggy Dog.
He just makes shit up that rhymes, and it becomes authentic gangsta gibberish which can be adopted by other rap artists like R Kelly.
I gots to lick that pearl tongue juice.
po scrubz Април 11, 2005
83 305