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1)An insult used to descibe someone as a weak, pathetic, loser. People don't mind starting fights on these people as they are easily defeated due to their low strength, frail muscles and fragile bones.
2) a common garden flower
1) Wot a pansie, he can't even lift that block of concrete
2)ooo this pansie smells nice.
po Samstorm Децембар 5, 2004
156 43
A word used by northern people (of England that is) to desribe the rather weaker, less friendly and snobby people that inhabit the south of the very same country.
'You northerners are a bunch of poverty stricken raggamuffins!'
'You Fuckin' pansie!'
po saintpatrick Април 26, 2007
37 27
The pysical being of Hooman.
Dude dont be a pansie!
po Champagne Децембар 6, 2003
13 55
A superhero
Hooman is such a pansie. I'd do him.
po Hooman Децембар 11, 2003
13 75