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State of total geekdom.
I am one with my computer. Ah... Nerdvana.
po JrnymnNate Јануар 6, 2003
190 215
The lame band otherwise known as Nirvana.
Nerdvana came to an end when Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobang, Kurt Cobaing or whatever that loser called himself used a shotgun to blast his head apart and make a big gross mess. (By the way, what has four legs and works at McDonald's? Nerdvana!)
po PMax Март 9, 2008
267 270
A place or state characterized by the happiness and satisfaction of high-tech gizmos.
I have reached NerdVana with my new smart phone.
po BigDealSteve Јануар 11, 2012
29 52
The place of ultimate gaming pleasure. Here, reality becomes warped, and all that matters it the game. You become the game, and the world around you fades into nothingness.
"We were all over at Jack's playing Halo 2 last night, and I looked over at Mark and he was totally lost in the game. The dude had reached Nerdvana."
po Abyss Shark Мај 21, 2006
40 100
The perfect blend of logic and emotion. A state of total computer bliss. Originally coined by Dilbert author, Scott Adams.
Dilbert: I have become one with my computer. It's a feeling of ecstasy...the perfect blend of logic and emotion. I have reached...
Dogbert: Nerdvana
po jatman Децембар 11, 2006
131 215