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a word that can be used to describe a black person without insulting them with them knowing.
This word is relativley close to nigger.
I fucking hate mondays!
po NyC4LyFe Мај 21, 2007
1911 963
The reason Sunday's suck.
Monday...rarely are they worth noting.
po Jakabones Август 12, 2006
873 282
Another slang term for a gentlemen of the black race. Used repeatadly when in the presence of black or other ethnic minorities to avoid ugly confrontation, causing uncomfortable silence resulting in physical violence, known to them as "Cracker Beating". Origin from the cliche' saying... 'Nobody Likes Mondays'
Man, were you at the basketball game, that Mondays got hops
This party is terrifying me, too many Mondays around
po BeeFrank Април 23, 2006
613 252
The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.
oh crap, tomorrow is MONDAY!!!
po Eric Gardner Новембар 27, 2007
451 119
someone or something you hate with an extreme prejudice.
I hate that Fucker Tom, he's such a fuckin' Monday
po R U N? Октобар 25, 2004
625 317
The beginning of the schoolweek (and, for most people with decent occupations, the workweek). Its beginning puts almost everybody in a bad mood, but its end does little to enliven the spirit.
Monday is the first of the five major obstacles that our hero must pass before reaching the hallowed 'week's end'.
po Diggity Monkeez Фабруар 21, 2005
456 173
When you realize the weekend is over, and you have to give up 40+ hours at a shitty job just to earn enough to eat and have shelter.
Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.
po karma Јун 11, 2004
271 135