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Otherwise known as Generation Y, or the internet generation (iGen), Millenials are people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. Millenials are often "echo boomers" (their parents were part of the baby boom), and they are often extremely tech-savvy.
Bob is born in 1990 and carries his iPod around everywhere he goes. He can fix your computer in a heartbeat and texts his friends all the time. Bob's generation are known as the millenials.
po KylieBronte Новембар 11, 2007
Millennials, they are the embodiment of narcissism. They're by far the most spoiled generation in history, which probably explains their perpetual false sense of entitlement. They are incapable of comparing, weighing or measuring their own achievements against someone else's. Their achievements will always be better, because their mommy said so. They are undisciplined and disrespectful. They will always answer a question with a question and will never give a yes or no answer to a yes or no question. They are often presumptuous and they are wrong just as often. Arguing with them is as futile as their very existence. 99.9% have an iPhone. They can usually be found sitting in the back of Uber X vehicle looking for any possible reason they could give to Uber as to why they rated the driver a predetermined rating of less than 5 stars. Because they offer 5 stars as often as they tip. The word tipping will soon only be seen in history books and heard in the final round of a national championship spelling bee. The concept of the word is absolutely impossible for them to comprehend.
Mayor:"Why didn't the volunteer fire department show up last night at the children's hospital? Now I have to give a speech about dead babies."

Assistant:"The idiot who made the schedule, scheduled only Millenials last night."
po Curriemrusmc Август 1, 2016
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