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A premature ejaculation due to federal agents watching through your window, reading the microchip implanted in your brain.
Man, she broke up with me because I Lupo'd on her. Wait, I shouldn't be telling you this! Get away, who are you?? Yeah, MOM INDEED!
po Schlack Јун 2, 2005
38 26
A car that you wouldn't mind getting run over by.
Yo Westdunda! That lupo is sikk, I wouldn't mind getting run over by that nigsta.
po RotliByNature Март 19, 2010
16 11
Also, he must have a USB watch and get it stuck in a computer quite often.
Sorry Mr. Webster, my USB watch got stuck in the comp.
po T0asted Toast Април 29, 2005
22 20
L.ittle U.gly P.iece O.f S.hit
"Get that lupos outta my way"!Usually used when politely
swearing at an old, beat up Toyota Camry chugging along
obliviously at 20 mph up a steep grade holding up traffic
in the "fast" lane!
po Starwatcher Новембар 9, 2006
3 7
CEO of Toasted Toast Inc. and extremely cool guy.And has really cool USB watch.
Yo Lupo, what's up?
po Takafugi Мај 11, 2005
12 19
the brother of Fugi
po Anonymous Октобар 2, 2003
5 14
Its a form of greeting.
Good Lupo to you!
Hi Toddly!
Jeremy: GOod lupo to you too Todd!
po Jerbear93 Јул 14, 2008
4 14