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cantonese exclamation which can be added after every single sentence
so cute la/ okay la/ bye la
po jun Фабруар 21, 2000
601 249
A word from the Cantonese language that is pronounced as "la". This word is often (not always) used in every day conversations at the end of sentences. Usually Cantonese speakers also use this "la" word on online chat even when they are talking in English. The purpose is just to juice up their sentences and to make their sentences sound more Chinese. I'd like to point out again that not ALL sentences (English and Cantonese) can end with "la". Sometimes people spell the word as "lar" instead of "la", but both mean the same thing. There are also "lor", "meh", "ga bor", etc., that can also be put at the end of certain sentences.
A: "I'm leaving soon la."
B: "Why so soon ah? Dinner won't end in another 2 hours ga wor."
A: "I have another dinner that I need to attend to ah ma."
B: "OK la gum."
po yesimafob Јун 23, 2005
441 127
Scouse for "me mate"
Hey la!!
po Lettski Јануар 29, 2004
271 159
specifically marijuana of high potency and quality
that la la la i be smoking, be getting me right i be lokin' them bullshit trees you be smokin barely give you a buzz, me i get hiiiggh-50 cent
po B-40 Јун 21, 2005
283 182
abbreviation for los angeles
l.a. is the titest city ever.
po nerm Новембар 6, 2004
157 56
a note to follow so
so a needle pulling thread
la a note to follow so
tee a drink with jam and bread!
That will bring us back to do-o-o-o-do...
po shoes Март 28, 2004
218 133
po anonymous Јун 14, 2003
188 104