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A nose that most Jews have that is a bit hooked down and sometimes larger, though the size doesn't matter.
The only way I could tell he was Jewish was his jewish nose.
po I am smart like that hehehehe Март 20, 2010
38 17
A big nose of a person that is Jewish.

The Jewish people have big noses in order to smell good deals and sales.
"Woah! How did you find that good deal?"
"I don't know bro, probably because of my Jewish Nose"
po Jewishgirl Фабруар 5, 2013
20 8
somebody with a big or crooked nose that is easily noticeable and often distracts you when talking to them.

Good to shout out the window when driving!
"Holy shit, you have a jewish nose..sort it out!"

"That was one jewish nose he had"

po toxiccamel Јануар 21, 2009
27 40