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Simply the best beer, brewed in Boekelo, unique for it's swingtop bottle with a porcelain cap (new bottles are with plastic caps).
Beers that absolutely suck. heineken and amstel
po Miky Јун 17, 2004
42 11
When we brew the grolsch, we brew it longer, for a fuller taste.
SCHTOP! This bride, she is not ready yet. She has 100 million years of evolution; haven't you guys ever heard of the Darwin? You can't rush these things. It's like when we brew the grolsch. We brew it longer, for a fuller taste.
po Kung-Fu Jesus Јун 19, 2004
33 6
A form of beer (US English) or lager (British); brewed in Groenlo, the Netherlands. A popular export product. Best known for it's unique bottles with porcelain caps.
I'll have a Grolsch please.
po Teunkie Април 23, 2003
21 10
Something you'd do to a girl and not tell your friends.
Dude, last night...we grolsched.

You grolsch her?
po wheeler 8 Април 18, 2008
5 6
actually beer and lager are slightly different things, but americans call both beer
po my name? call me, dr fiesenhelt Мај 25, 2003
11 23