georgia tech actually means absence of women and lack of social ability.
John: hey i go to ga tech!
Sally: ( turns around, leaves room)
po Clay Јануар 29, 2005
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A black hole for all things good in nature. It consumes all things good. Students consume large quantities of beer and liquor to help cope with the daily onslaught of anal reemage from the faculty and staff. Is also notorious for having hidious members of the female sex.
John entered Georgia Tech with a 1510 on his sat and a 4.0 GPA but graduated with a 2.3 and a drinking problem.
po yourmothersuckscocksinhell Новембар 3, 2005
A drinking school with a engineering problem
At Georgia Tech 100% of the student body drinks 60% get engineering degrees.
po Sam Smithenstien Јул 29, 2006
A school full of high school Valedictorian's and creepy nerds. Every student was either an overachiever or a slacking genius in high school - now they're desparately trying to make C's in Physics 2. The only "normal" ones are the Management majors - they get to sleep and go out drinking during the week while those with real majors have to study their asses off day and night.

The ratio is infamous. Men complain that the women are bitches, women complain that the men haven't hit puberty yet. There are three times as many guys as girls, yet there only seem to be about five dateable men on campus - the rest are busy playing World of Warcraft.

However, all the students at Tech can console themselves with the knowledge that if they do manage to survive and get their degree (even if it takes six years), it can never get worse. Also, they'll be making a lot of money as the bosses of UGA students.
At 3AM, my high school friends at UGA are out having a good time or sleeping. At 3AM, I am part way into studying for another test that I'm probably going to fail anyway. Screw you, Georgia Tech.

I need some liquor.
The premiere schoool in the state of Georgia, the only lacking disadvantage is the lack of ladies!
AAh......time for hard studies and importing ladies from Athens for the weekend!
po Piranha Јануар 13, 2005
Premier School of Enginnering where students learn to take it up the rear by facult and staff. While busting their balls to keep their grades up, but failing in the process, and all the time being forced to wear "Tech Goggles" and hit on otherwise hideous "women"

A freshman enters GEORGIA TECH for the first time having a 4.3 avergage in his upper level highschool classes but soon finds that a D is an accomplishment at his new school.
po George P. Burdell Септембар 9, 2003
Number one Industial Engineering school.
One of the hardest schools to gain acceptence to, attracting many nerds and foreigners.
Most of all it is a school of complainers.

Boys complain about 'lack of girls' or 'ugly girls'- but truthfully they are mad because they are gross geeks who cant get a girl anyway. They also complain about tbs.

Girls complain because, while they are surrounded by lots of guys, most are completely socially inept. The ones that aren't, however, get big egos and are complete asses.

The whole student body complains about how hard one has to work for a passing grade. People who once got 4.5 GPAs are reduced to 2.0 if they are lucky.

Also eveyone complains about the smell of their foreign roomates BO or seriously rank cooking.

I totally love Georgia Tech anyway!!!
po RachelD Септембар 26, 2006
The place where fun comes to die.
Georgia Tech is like UGA with lame parties.
po dawgfan Јун 28, 2005
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