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To lick out/ have finished licking out pussy.
"yeah i gated her last night" = yeah i licked her out last night
po merk spree Јануар 1, 2010
70 7
To be doomed to misery in the near future
12 of us went to dinner last night, the bill was over $200 we left the waitress a $10 tip, she got gated.
po ARGANOC Фабруар 22, 2008
6 25
gated: online content that requires some sort of registration or login to access it. bugmenot addresses this issue
dude 1: yo check out tha link i sent u!
dude 2: i was stoked to read it, bro, but it was gated. so, yeah, i didn't read it.
dude 1: your internets are broken.
po g|\/| Мај 7, 2007
4 25