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When two guys are having sex and they both take turns being the bottom.
"Hey, check out Scotty"
"Dude, you're not a bottm"
"Scotty flip flops so you gotta take it in the ass if you wanna plow him in the ass"
"I'm ready..."
po Okogeman Јул 10, 2008
387 118
adjective: A phrase most commonly used to describe the fluid political positions of former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney.
Gov. Romney has once again demonstrated another flip-flop on the issue of (fill with any political issue).
po Misha A. Јул 6, 2012
193 31
Sandals with only a strap in the front, which joins between the big toe and the one next to it. i dont know the names!
What I wear everyday, rain or shine.
po Random Април 6, 2004
198 66
shoes that look good on girls... who have a pedicure, nail polish, have feet that are not deformed, have feet that dont look dry and leathery, dont have skin flaking off around the toenails. looks terrible on guys because our feet, i must say, look horrible.
while im on the train, i see many females with flip flops. most of there feet make me want to gag :(
po Z3r0s3volution Јун 9, 2009
119 48

A sexual act consisting of the first person penetrating the second person for the first round. Then the following round the second person penetrates the first person.
Jason and Jake flip-flopped last night. Jason topped Jake first, then Jake topped Jason.
po Takato Децембар 4, 2007
105 47
sandals that are made of a base, sole, and a strip that goes in between the toes
I would not advise wearing flip-flops on a nature hike.
po Light Joker Јун 27, 2005
83 26
n. a type of footwear
see also jandal
"nice flip flops mate"
po Pete Јануар 20, 2004
129 78